We are committed to supporting the UK's most disruptive tech startups and ambitious founding teams.

We are open to adopting new businesses for investment but before applying please ensure you fit the following investment criteria:


You are a technology startup with an innovative solution to a big global problem.


You have a ambitious and diverse founding team with relevant experience, knowledge and a strong vision for the future of your business.

We do not accept applications from sole founders.


You have a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) business model and can evidence market traction.

For B2B businesses and marketplaces, we would expect to see some revenue.


You are well aware of your market competition, your value proposition is defensible and clearly differentiated with barriers to entry, e.g. proprietary .


You are UK business with a £0.5 - £3m pre-money valuation and eligible for SEIS and/or EIS tax relief. You are raising  a seed round of £150,000-£1500'000 of equity investment.


You are able and willing to work with external advisors.